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Culver City Stairs: The Outdoor Stairmaster of Baldwin Hills

Genuine TRAIL NAME: Culver City Stairs otherwise known as Jefferson Stairs
Climb LEVEL: Level 3
Span: 2 hours (approx.)
Separation: 375 to 500+ steps and a one (1) mile climbing trail. (Height Peak 511ft.)
Directions: The recreation center’s principle passageway is at 6300 Hetzler Rd. in Culver City off of Jefferson Blvd.

The recreation center is available by means of the 10 and 405 turnpikes.

Expected: 1 to 2 Liters of water
Prescribed: sports/hiking shoes, sunscreen, snack(s)
Washroom/WATER FAUCET:  Are accessible at the highest point of the slope close to the guest focus.
Parking: 1. You can stop in the city (it’s off of a bustling crossing point) and start climbing up the solidified asphalt to the exceptionally top of the slope.

2. Be semi-languid and drive past each one of those hikers on the equivalent solidified asphalt to the highest point of the slope, where stopping is increasingly available at a small $2.00/hour charge.

Long stretches of Operation: Baldwin Hills Visitor Center is open 8 am to dusk day by day with off-season hours posted on their site.

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About the hike

Appreciate natural air and a solid exercise at Culver City Stairs. Otherwise called Jefferson Stairs, this side trip is a well-known spot in Culver City to get your climb on. What makes these steps not quite the same as different stairs is that these steps are not a similar size or uniform. These steps are uneven, running from a few creeps to roughly 2 feet, and some are more profound than others. These steps run from 375 to 500+ steps (contingent upon the length of your legs).

The recreation center is entitled as a “grand ignore” because of the delightful perspectives on the local wildflowers, winged creatures, and untamed life. It’s an ideal climb for learners and beginners, a few children, most youngsters, and canines. At the point when you get to the marker “375 feet above ocean level”, it’s just around 30-steps to the top. Appreciate perspectives on downtown LA and the Hollywood sign out of sight. The recreation center’s fundamental passage is at 6300 Hetzler Rd. in Culver City off of Jefferson Blvd. So set away your telephones, escape from your PC and appreciate a picturesque and invigorating hike today that is near Access.

My friend said I can do this hike, I should be able to do it, right?

In opposition to prevalent thinking, you know your body and hiking background superior to your companions. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an accomplished climber, if it’s not too much trouble perused our climb subtleties page as the climb may not suit your experience level. We have a superior encounter if each hike has explorers of the expected level.


culver city stepsGenerally speaking, the absolute exercise of the steps is up to your individual wellness, quality, weight, and ability. In case you’re interested with respect to what sort of exercise this is, you can connect your wellness numbers on Wolfram Alpha and ascertain the exercise.

Evaluated calories burned consumed for 185 lb male – 282 steps. – 102 calories used in around 400 feet increased over ~10 minutes. Obviously, this accepts a fairly fit and solid normal 25-year-old male so for a few of us the caloric consume could be a lot higher.

It’s sort of amazing how the caloric consume doesn’t appear that high. In the event that you have utilized a wellness tracker on this trail, we’d love to share a portion of your information. Leave a remark underneath and we’ll refresh this post!

Generally Thoughts

All out Time Spent:

Hiking: 60 minutes

Climbing the stairs: 7 minutes (the record for climbing the staircase is as far as anyone knows a little more than 2 minutes)

What I preferred the most about the Culver City Stairs hike was the manner by which troublesome the staircase moved toward becoming. The steps changed in stature as well as turned out to be increasingly uneven and inflexible to give a significantly more noteworthy test. It starts off genuinely simple however rapidly hits you in the face with a 180° turn in trouble.

I additionally acknowledge how this open-air staircase is in the buzzing about of Culver City, encompassed by well-kept grounds and simple trails that don’t generally turn out to be excessively steep (besides the Heztler/cleared street).

The way that there are likewise open bathrooms and adequate stopping (though a $2.00/hour charge) at the highest point of the slope additionally gains this climb some pats on the head.

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