moving a piano yourself

How to move an upright piano

For a lot of individuals the task of moving a piano, in general, is very daunting. Thankfully, there are expert movers that have been taught the appropriate methods and ensure the right actions to get a piano upstairs.

Upright pianos are tough to move. If you have no experience in moving pianos, or any heavy items, in basic, you might wish to think about hiring experts before you attempt doing it on your own. Preferably, you want a moving team that can help you move a piano quickly and quickly. If you wish to take the DIY moving approach, here’s how you can do it.

Professional Piano Moving Equipment

  1. Dolly
  2. More than 2 moving straps
  3. Stair ramp
  4. Moving pads
  5. Moving truck
  6. Another individual

Dollies and also Planks for Moving Pianos Upstairs

As far as dollies and planks, they are essential for steering the piano up staircases, including touchdowns as well as turns in the stairs.

Typically, movers will protect planks to rise the staircase as well as will certainly have put the piano on a dolly. From there they roll the piano up the plank so they do not need to lift as well as lug it up each individual step!

It is strongly recommended to work with professional movers for piano actions consisting of stairs for this really reason. Mishaps can take place conveniently especially with unpracticed DIY moving companies!

piano moving equipment

Piano Moving Straps

Straps are one of the most essential points for moving a piano in order to maintain all of the relocating parts in one location.

The lid requires to be strapped down to avoid any kind of fingers or hands getting caught beneath throughout the shuffle of relocating the piano.

Securing the piano

First, spot moving pads on any type of location of the piano that may get damaged, such as sections or piano tricks. Moving pads prevent scuff marks and various other problems on the surface of the piano.

When you prepare, draw the piano far from the wall surface. Provide yourself an excellent amount of open space so you may maneuver the piano once it is actually out. Our team advise about 3 feet of space around the entire item.

You will certainly need a cart. The dolly is going to decrease the quantity of weight you will have to elevate yourself and allow you to relocate the piano simply.

Maneuver the piano onto the dolly by turning it gradually backward. Carry out certainly not elevate the piano utilizing handles or lower legs. Raising the deals with or lower legs might snap them off as well as result in the piano to go down. Merely turn the piano back as well as move the dolly underneath.

moving a safe upstairs

Be sure the pedals of the piano remain in the facility of the dolly. Focusing the piano is going to similarly disperse the weight onto the cart, allowing simple and also safe moving.

When the piano is on the cart, use moving straps to safeguard it. Moving straps covered up and down around the piano as well as dolly is going to lower the odds of the dolly sliding out from below the piano.

Using Gloves to move a piano upstairs

Gloves are actually fairly clear, and expert piano agents wear them for enriched command.

Suitable gloves deliver you along with a much better garrison hold while managing the piano to prevent your palms coming from slipping! Making use of handwear covers is actually beneficial for both the moving company and the valuable piano, and handwear covers are actually a simple add-on that will certainly pay.

Moving a piano up stairs

When moving a piano up stairs or ramps, make sure you have two individuals working to move it: one to press at the bottom and also one to pull at the leading.

Ensure the person at the higher end of the stairs is lifting the guitar. Also, hold the musical instrument from the bottom of the body as well as not coming from the manages.

Preferably, you should position a stairway ramp just before going up stairs. If you can easily not establish the ramp, utilize extra caution when relocating the piano up.

Moving a piano down stairs

A stairway ramp allows easy going up as well as downstairs. These ramps are actually easily positioned on stairs, which enables you to spin the piano easily in contrast to lifting it down as well as up stairs.

If you have to relocate a piano downstairs, see to it you possess two individuals operating to quick. When moving down stairs, make certain the individual placed on the reduced aspect of the stairs is raising on the piano. The person on the higher end of the stairs needs to be actually assisting the piano forward.

Perform certainly not push the piano ahead powerfully when shifting. Upright piano weight is actually therefore great that any sort of sturdy activity could possibly create the person on the reduced end of the stairs to lose control, creating a possibly risky condition.

As an alternative, press the piano delicately and also permit gravity to do the remainder of the work. Manual the piano down and also partner with the individual on the lower end of the stairs to maintain the scenario under control.

For added safety and security, area relocating pads at the end of ramps and also stairs. When your piano hits the bottom of the stairs, it is going to greater than likely hit the flooring at a tilt. A relocating pad will certainly guard your piano coming from substantial damage.

How to move a piano up stairs on your own?

So once you possess a bit more relevant information concerning moving a piano up or even downstairs, do you think that you can relocate yourself?

There are constantly points to think about:

  • Are there any sort of turns/landings within the stairs?
  • Exactly how steep are the stairs?
  • The amount of stairs are actually included?
  • Depending on the problem amount of the style of where you are moving the piano can really find out if you choose to employ specialists or even move the piano on your own.


1) How much does it cost to move a piano?

upstairs downstairs moversthe typical piano moving expense is about $200-$ 400 for local moves and $1,000-$ 2,000 for long-distance relocations:

1) Average piano moving cost by type: Moving an upright piano can cost just $150-$500, while the cost to move a baby grand piano goes up to $250–$2,000.

2) Average piano moving cost by move range: Local piano moving costs vary from $150 to $800. The expense to ship a piano throughout the nation can be anywhere from $500 to $2,000.

You can move a basic upright piano within the city for a little bit more than a hundred dollars, however, moving a grand piano long distance will cost you simply a little bit less than 2 thousand.

2) How to secure a piano in a moving truck?

The piano ought to be put at the back of the moving truck, beside the back wall– the wall that separates the truck’s interior cab from the area in back. Numerous piano movers suggest utilizing wood planks to make sure a level floor covering for the piano given that most truck areas are not level. This assists to alleviate pressure on the casters and piano legs which will strain to stabilize during the move. If you use planks, lay them along the back wall.

Lift the piano from the dolly onto the slabs, then utilizing the moving straps, secure the piano to the truck wall. Examine to make sure that the piano is unable to roll around while the truck is moving.

3) When to tune a piano after moving?

First, you ought to understand what is considered “moving”. A relocation from one side of the space to the other, or even from one room to another, does not generally create a requirement for tuning. If the piano is moved with care in these situations, it is extremely unlikely to go out of tune. The piano owner needs to figure out if the piano sounds various after the relocation and whether or not it needs tuning.

The kinds of relocations that require tuning are those in which the piano is moved from one building to another. The longer the duration of the transport, the more it will undergo environment changes.

After moving, a piano should be allowed to accustom to its brand-new environment for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to tuning. Otherwise, the piano will likely go out of tune very quickly and you will have wasted your cash.

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